A Gorb

Welcome to the website of Awayday Music

Awayday Music is an independent music publishing company that currently publishes selected works of the composer Adam Gorb. These include his opera Anya17, an innovative version of Beethoven’s Grosse Fuge for Saxophone Ensemble and many other works for Ensemble, Solo, Vocal and Orchestra.The website contains useful information for programme planning, including programme notes and duration.

Scores and parts are available from: info@nullawaydaymusic.co.uk

Adam Gorb has an international profile. Many of his works have entered the concert repertoire and are performed worldwide in the USA, Canada, Australia, South America, Japan, Singapore, as well as in Europe and the UK. Adam has composed extensively for Wind Ensemble. Described as a ‘master of the genre’ he has won three British Composer Awards. For details of all of Adam’s other works including programme notes, first performances, sound clips and music publishers, please see the composer’s website: www.adamgorb.co.uk.